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BU: Factory Bulk

BX: Factory Boxed

DC: Franmara Deluxe Carded

C: Franmara Carded

PC: Premium Carded


Oblique™ Waiter’s Corkscrew




Oblique™ Waiter’s Corkscrew

The angle of the spiral of 13° makes a world of difference. The spiral goes into the cork at an oblique angle. The curved handle is now positioned to equally divide the extracting force over a vertical/horizontal axis thus resulting in a “circular pull” using less of your strength. 5-3/8” long Black, Burgundy, White. Pkg. Code: BU (indv. white box), BX (printed box w/hanger tab), PC (premium carded)

Free display with purchase of 12 Oblique™ Individual Printed Box (With Hanger Tab) in 12 Pack Counter Display, black handle  Screen/Pad Print or 



The Obilque™ 13° puts the sommelier knife in everyone's reach. Its secret is as simple as it is revolutionary: a bent angle of 13° between the spiral and the spiral stem that connects to the handle.  It's simple but it makes a world of difference.

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