What's the difference? There are professional Sommeliers or wine stewards who require the best product available. For Franmara that would be the handmade Laguiole en Aubrac waiter's corkscrews, using traditional French craftsmanship. Each is a keepsake in its own. They are of the best quality available and have a compelling artifact. In this case, the "Golden Gate Bridge" limited edition model number 3306 

approaches the higher numbers. The corkscrew is made from San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge steel and is the same color. Then there is the Laguiole en Aubrac model 3309, made from Mammoth Fossil ivory harvested in Siberia.

Or we could talk about the corkscrews around a dollar or two. Great for picnics, pool parties and the like. Of course, the mainstay of corkscrews is from $30.00 to one hundred and fifty dollars. The kind of corkscrew that will last and depending on how much use it gets it's important to buy an equal level of quality. Next post, we'll get into the quality and construction of corkscrews. What makes a quality product? Why would you spend a hundred and fifty dollars?