Uncorking Machines. This is for businesses that are constantly uncorking wine bottles like wineries, busy restaurants and wine  rooms. The prices ranges from about 390.00 to around $1400.00 and Franmara imports many from Spain and Germany. Most are attached to a counter top or mounted on a wall. You can buy extra worms (spirals). You place the bottle under the machine holding it there, then pull down on the handle above and in a second you've opened a bottle of wine.

The ultimate electric machines are the ElectroParagon and ElectroPull II Professional Uncorking Machines. They both can stand on the floor and the ElecroParagon also mounts on the wall. Both can uncork 500 bottles an hour and are made in China. The ElecroPull II can partially extract the cork so the waiter can finish uncorking the wine bottle at the table.